About Us


NinjaMuso was formerly known as Rig Ninja, a brand that started producing quality guitar cables in August 2016. We have changed our name to more closely align with our core values and to allow us to build a strong and sustainable brand presence into the future.

(Our website will soon transition from ninjamuso.com to ninjamuso.com but visitors will continue to be redirected to the new domain for a period of time)


We create and promote first-class quality accessories for guitar enthusiasts and professionals


To be recognised as the world leader of first-class, professional grade, guitar accessories

Core Values

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Best product quality
  • Help guitarists to create a sound they will be proud to own


6 Replies to “About Us”

  1. This is one of the best cables I have seen in a while very well made. I inspected it thoroughly and could find no defects. Solder joints are well covered by heat shrink tubing as I would expect from high quality cable. Has a great sound that is clean as described.
    Thank you for such a well made product.

  2. it looks like a very good cable, Looks like it is a very good made cable. The cable has very good quality ends on it and the cable is very strong. I would tell anyone that this cable is a very good cable thank you for sending it

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