19 Guitar Amplifier Presets – Setting Guide

Remembering your favourite guitar amp setting used to be a matter of committing it all to your memory or writing it down in a notebook. In today’s world it’s as easy as taking a picture with your smart phone once you find that desired sound. By doing that, you can always have the settings available in case your amp is messed with or the controls are moved when in transit.

There are so many smart phone apps which can store information and pictures that there really is no excuse for forgetting your settings. In an article on Guitar Chalk in 2015, Bobby Kittleberger documented 19 awesome setting ranging from “Clean Shimmer” to “The Edge EQ”.

The 19 setting pictures located there are accompanied by detailed notes, best uses and its analog comparison.

The article comes with disclaimers to advise that the settings are just a guide because:

  1. Beautiful tone is subjective and is in the eye (or the ear to be more precise) of the beholder.
  2. Everyone’s rig behaves differently than the next.
  3. Tinkering is an inherent part of the deal.

Complete with a detailed list of best practices, the article is worth a read. Check out all 19 settings here.

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